How a 3,000-year-old Ancient Business Secret from Turkey made Small Business Owners Successful

A Glass Amulet protects boats and ensures successful voyages for fishermen in Turkey

Sailors in Turkey believed that painting a blue eye onto their boats, will protect them and ensure a successful voyage to catch a fish. This has been a tradition since ancient times and today in modern Turkey, fishermen continue this tradition with the eye-shaped talismans made from a blue glass called Nazar Boncuğu. These talismans are used to ward off the evil eye and protect the believer from jealousy and ill will.
Source and Video from BBC Reel.

An eye-shaped amulet made from blue glass is commonly known throughout Turkey and can be found in Souvenir shops all around Turkey and can be seen hanging all over the country in people’s homes, cars, boats, and shops.
Its purpose? To protect against the evil eye

The evil eye is believed to be a glare by an evil person or spirit. This glare is believed to have an enchanted power to cause misfortune or injury. To counter and protect from this enchanted power, a talisman or amulet with an eye (a common phrase we hear “an eye for an eye”) is created to protect you from this evil glare and by theory, the amulet absorbs the bad energy and evil glare until the glass of the amulet break; which is why Nazar Boncuğu is made from glass.

So how does it work?

Evil Eye can be given in different ways to a person or object and most commonly from compliments from another person which may sound supportive or kind gesture but may have internal intention or prayers to hope for the opposite which usually this true intention releases from the person’s eye. Hence, the reason why a newborn child may get hundreds of compliments and wishes but get sick the next week or fishermen did not catch any fish as per the video on top. Another way for delivering the bad energy is by only staring up close or in a distance with the personal intention of hoping that person or business to have misfortune, For example, a person walking by a business and stare at the business hoping it fails and closes down. 

So, the concept of the Nazar Boncuğu is to absorb all this bad energy before it enters a person, vehicle, or property until the amulet breaks. Once it breaks, replace it with a new one. Generally, for a business, you would hang this amulet in front of your shop or building where customers and people can see it before they enter your premises.

How a 3,000-year-old Ancient Business Secret from Turkey made Small Business Owners Successful

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels

Nazar Boncuğu for Business

As per the video on top, you can see how the fishermen used the blue-eyed amulet to protect them from the jealousy and bad energy that may affect them during their catch in the sea. This amulet can now be seen all over Turkey especially used by many business owners for protection from any bad energy especially from other jealous business owners. If you have ever been to Istanbul, you may notice at Taksim Square (a city square for shopping for locals and tourists) there are many Kebab Shops on the same street and some are opened side by side. And each kebab shop brings in a business filled with customers throughout the day. If you look closely at each shop, they all hang the blue-eye amulet Nazar Boncuğu.

By hanging Nazar Boncuğu at the Kebab Shop, not only do they protect themselves from any bad energy entering their business that may cause misfortune, but they treat every customer with kind heart and happiness. It is the extension effect of the idea and beliefs of the amulet that brings out the kindness in every person who works in the shop. When the business owners, employees, and the culture, in general, believe the purpose and effects of Nazar Boncuğu, they all by conscious treat everyone with true kindness as they themselves do not want to be affected by the possibility of Bad Energy that may cause injury or misfortune. 

By hanging Nazar Boncuğu on a business premise, not only do you protect yourself from any bad energy that may harm you or your business, but you will also bring up the good energy within you and your business and your customers may feel that good energy and will return again for not only a good product but good service with a smile.  This is somewhat a very common belief of the effects and benefits of placing a talisman, amulet, or object to protect from bad energy or attract good energy; which not only can be found in Turkey but throughout various countries around the globe including Asia. 

Asia Amulet for Business

In Asia, there are many different types of talisman/amulets that can be found in different countries that contain their own beliefs and purpose. Especially for a business, there are also statues or figures that are commonly used in shops to bring in fortunes such as the Laughing Budha from China and the Beckoning Cat from Japan. 

For this particular topic, we will look into the 2 most common amulets in Asia which are Omamori from Japan and Feng Shui Coin from China.

Ancient Business Secret from Japan - Omamori

Ancient Business Secrets - Japan Amulet - Omamori
A Japanese Amulet

From the Heian era of Japan, this 1,000-year-old traditional amulet comes in a colorful silky cloth containing a piece of wood blessed from a temple/shrine in Japan. There are different types of amulets and each has its own purpose vary from happiness to sexual health and there are 3 common amulets/talismans that are mainly kept by a business owner which are katsumori, yakuyoke, and shoubaihanjou. 

勝守 “katsumori” – Success Talisman
The most desired omamori can be found on all shrines and temples in Japan. Contains strong energy that should be used for only one goal to maximize its power. The Talisman possesses a heavy promise: the user channels their energy into a single goal, and the talisman guarantees it will happen.

商売繁盛 “shoubaihanjou” – Money Talisman
Comes in a shape of a moneybag or is colored in yellow/gold, its purpose is for your financials whether it’s for investments or savings, business deals, personal finance, inheritance, finding money, or even good deals while shopping. 

厄除け “yakuyoke” – Ward Away Evil Amulet
This amulet is somewhat similar to the Turkish Amulet where it protects you from bad energy, evil eye, demons, and curses. While the Success Talisman is helping with your goal, the Ward Away Evil Amulet prevents you from any potential misfortune that might obstruct your success.

Ancient Business Seret from China - Feng Shui Coin

Ancient Business Secrets - Feng Shui Coin
A Feng Shui Coin

A currency used as early as the 4th century BC during the Warring States Period in China, these coins are now considered to be “good luck coins” and can be seen hanging on strings, kept in wallets, or as a talisman. Businesses in China and Asia hang these coins as signs of good luck and avoid any misfortune. While in the ancient practice of Feng Shui, the coins are related to an abundance of resources, personal wealth, money, and prosperity. 


A talisman or an amulet will not be effective for you if you do not understand the origin and its purpose related to you or your business. 
From thousand of years of beliefs to a talisman/amulet, they provide protection or enhancement and can be found in many countries across the globe that comes in different shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is to prevent bad energy and/or enhance good energy.
Many business owners use this talisman/amulet for their business to path their ways to success and good fortune while keeping any misfortune away from disrupting their path.

The success of a business is not only from beliefs to a talisman/amulet but the follow-up effect which is the motivation and awareness to run a successful business.
Most amulets prevent bad energy from entering your business, which raises your awareness surrounding your business by being more alert.
Most talismans, on the other hand, enhance your motivation to run a successful business just like the katsumori talisman where it should be used for only one goal for success.

Whether you have a Turskish amulet or a Chinese talisman on your business premise, your business will grow to success especially when you are more motivated and aware, you will run your business with passion and love; which is the key to a successful business.

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