Ancient Business Secrets - Our DNA contains 12 dormant strands that attracts wealth

Our DNA contains 12 dormant strands that attract wealth

Humans only use about 8% of their DNA, but the other 92% has the key to giving you the power of wealth. Because the truth about attracting wealth lies inside the 92% of DNA that mainstream scientists used to refer to as “Junk DNA”.

Scientists have proven that you can activate your DNA, and that the 92% of DNA they used to call “junk DNA” is actually functional DNA.

Ancient Business Secrets - twin-astronaut

NASA sent up one of two identical twins into space for a year, but the REAL reason for the experiment was kept a secret. This secret holds the key to unlocking your wealth.

The secret NASA experiment proved that we can activate our spiritual DNA to attract wealth.

NASA has proved what ancient eastern spiritual leaders already knew: we can harness the power of sound to activate dormant DNA.

Jim, an administration was fired from NASA because he saw something he wasn’t supposed to. Jim pulled out the page of notes he’d gotten from the NASA administration, but didn’t know what these frequencies were or anything else it said.

NASA has proven that we can activate our Wealth DNA by listening to Gregorian chants. An ancient technology based on a Greek Philosopher named Pythagoras, who was used to prescribe music as medicine. Music containing certain frequencies, the same frequencies found on NASA’s page notes that Jim found; are connected to the original 12 strands of human DNA within the junk DNA. These 12 strands of DNA are actually part of the 12 Chakra Points.

This documentation by NASA has proven the ancient 500 B.C. Chakra Teaching for Wealth

The documentation found has led to Jim listening to one of the frequencies for a week and signs of results start to appear starting with the $100 bill story.

Here is the story of how Alex Maxell met Jim and how Alex’s life has changed!